5 Reasons You Will Never Get Sick of Your Honda

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1. Reliability


It’s hard to hate on a car that won’t break down or leave you stranded. 100,000 miles is pretty much the break-in for a Honda engine, and it’s not uncommon to see 300,000+ mile unopened engines. Hit VTEC every day and your motor doesn’t care. Speaking of VTEC…




Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control, it works so well and sounds so good. Hondas are all about chasing the red line. The car’s ECU sends an electrical signal to a solenoid, which locks the intake and exhaust cams onto the more aggressive lobe (increasing lift and duration) at high RPM. Honda engines come alive and high RPM and really swell as they reach the red line, and we have VTEC to thank for that.


3. The Aftermarket


Any part you could possibly want or need for your Honda is available, whether it’s maintenance type stuff or fun, go fast parts, and from multiple brands. All of those choices breed competition meaning that parts are cheap, too!


4. The Community


Yes, as much trash as they talk, the fine folks on Honda-tech by and large are a great group of people. Anything you could ever want to know about your ride has been covered here by someone. Five minutes with the search feature could guide into everything for motor swaps, all-wheel-drive converted Integras, and every bit of information about your ride that could ever need to know.


5. Residual


We would call it resale value, but you aren’t selling that sweet Honda, so it’s a residual value, and Honda is pretty much top of the charts in this regard. Your 20-year-old Civic is still worth three grand, even though you paid three grand for it 8 years ago. Can’t beat that.

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