Buy This Perfect One-Owner 7,241-Mile Honda S2000

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Future classic. These are words that we’ve been hearing quite often lately, especially in the 1990’s Japanese car market. Some may be sick of hearing them, but as of right now, those words still hold some weight, and with good reason. That’s because a true future classic is a car that hasn’t been modified well beyond its original state. In regards to Japanese cars, that’s really hard to come by, since many were encouraged to personalize their cars to fit their tastes. When doing a quick search on Craigslist for any Golden Age Japanese cars, finding an unmodified specimen is somewhat difficult, at least here in Los Angeles. And finding an unmolested, clean title S2000, like this one, is getting even harder to come by, let alone one with only 7,241 miles.

This is a perfect example of that rare gem that needs to be preserved. A one-owner unicorn S2000 currently for sale by RK Motors, which can be yours for a cool $32,900. It must also be mentioned that the video below and the photos above are documents of the actual car, and not screen-grabs from the latest Forza game. Bravo to you RK Motors, for having an awesome high-quality photo studio to shoot your inventory.

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