Alonso’s Honda Indycar Is So Much Cooler/Better Than His F1 Car

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Alonso’s single outing in Indycar is already better than his entire 2017 F1 season with McLaren-Honda.

Of course, the bar has been set pretty low. Considering the Spanish conquistador was able to complete his rookie test without his Honda-powered Indycar breaking down, you could say that Alonso’s luck has turned pulled a 180.

Reports claim that over two million people tuned in online to watch the two-time world champion lap the 2.5-mile oval. Much to everyone’s expectations, the Spaniard took things easy and approached the test systematically and methodically — as most drivers of his caliber would. Perhaps the only negative of the 110-lap test lies on the ground of the famed tarmac; in the shape of two nearly disintegrated pigeons Alonso managed to smack at over 224 mph.

These two videos courtesy of Indycar will not only tease you (the first one will), but then bring you nearly seven hours of Alonso’s rookie test and practice directly from Speedway, Indiana. After completing his initial test, Alonso looked as cool as a cucumber, and showed his excitement toward the month of May.

Remember folks, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is venue to shattered dreams and broken hearts, so only time will tell. Stay tuned for more…

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