2001 Integra Type R on the Auction Block

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How much would you pay for an original, low-mileage Integra Type R? A limited run of ITR’s came Stateside, and as time has gone by, they have become increasingly rare and sought after. It’s not uncommon to see solid examples trade hands for more than $20,000.

Up on the auction block over at Bring-a-Trailer is this beautiful 2001 ITR, finished in Nighthawk Black Pearl. Check out the odometer resting in that clean, all-original interior, this car sports a CarFax-confirmed 44,740 original miles. The only aftermarket trimming on this clean example is a keyless entry system. From there, some preemptive maintenance was performed, using OEM Honda parts, including brakes, a timing belt change and fluids.


We have previously seen ITR’s on BaT go for some rather exorbitant prices, one selling for a cool $34,000, so we have our guesses as to where this bid is going to end up. At the time of this writing, the car is currently sitting at $18,000, but we don’t expect that to last. BaT auctions as of late have been bonkers, with many “collector” cars trading high. Assuming that bubble doesn’t burst in the next week (unlikely), our guess is that this car will sell for around $32,000.

Watch the madness unfold here at Bring-a-Trailer.

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