BREAKING: Interior Photos of the Upcoming Honda Civic Type-R

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The new-generation Civic Type-R has been flagged as one of the most-awaited vehicles of 2017, and although some (including myself) think that it’s a bit too late for Honda to reclaim lost market share, that doesn’t mean we’re not super excited.


To make us even more excited about the return of the Japanese hot-hatch, we’ve gotten a hold of some just-leaked interior photos of a pre-production test mule’s interior. In these shots shared by HondaPro Jason, we can see the interior’s basic layout, including a gauge cluster that’s nearly identical to the current-generation Honda Civic sedan and hatchback.


Despite the heavy presence of onboard testing instruments such as sensors, laptops, and never-ending wiring, these photographs offer us one of the very first peeks at what the production model may bear. In fact, given my recent test drives of the 2016 Honda Civic Touring, and the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, I can see plenty of resemblance when it comes to the center console, buttons and other parts.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see more!

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