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Need help diagnosing noise and vibration

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Default Need help diagnosing noise and vibration

Drove my CRX around today for the first time since fixing the tune. There are some noises happening that I am sure are tranny or drive train related, as well as a vibration.

The engine runs fine, and it shifts thru the gears normally otherwise. This is an LS cable trans, everything stock except stage 5 sprung clutch. Newer oem axles.

This is mated to a GSR engine, car has a traction bar and solid engine mount on the front side.

I just changed the trans fluid with new Acura MTF hoping it would help, but it didnt. The old fluid was dark, but did not indicate any internal damage.

1.) When sitting and idling, if I release the clutch pedal there is a very audible growl almost like the sound of straight cut gears. Goes away when clutch pedal is pressed, not as noticable when revving.

2.) When driving, the gear type noise described above gets louder, especially accelerating in first and second, until the engine noise drowns it out.

3.) When decelerating in gear, a loud clicking/clacking noise happens. It seems constant with the speed of the car, frequency maybe 4-5 times per second at lower speeds. It only happens when engine braking. If I touch the throttle or push in the clutch or put it in neutral, the sound goes away.

4.) In third gear only that I've noticed so far, under acceleration load the car will shudder pretty hard. Doesn't happen every time , but often. Felt like clutch chatter, but it doesn't happen if I step on it in 4th or 5th so I'm not sure that's it. The clutch still grabs hard.

Where should I start? I can't afford a shop to tear it apart and start replacing things. From the research I've done, each of these issues have their own probable causes. Axles, differential, throwout bearing and input bearing to name a few.

Should I not drive the car until I figure out what's causing this, to avoid risking more damage?

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Default Re: Need help diagnosing noise and vibration

Willing to look at any suggestions, I am a newb when it comes to transmission issues. Here is a condensed version for anyone willing to throw out most likely causes.

1.) Noise at idle when clutch pedal released, goes away when pedal is pressed

2.) Clacking noise when decelerating in gear. Goes away if clutch pedal is pressed or car is in neutral.

3.) Intermittent shuddering and shaking when accelerating in 3rd gear.
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