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Crx community transaction with member /mgs1098

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Default Crx community transaction with member /mgs1098

Trying To figure out what went on here.
Seeing if I can get input from you guys or at least spread light to this type of seller within this community.
Backstory seller and I agreed to a price on some items PayPal transaction took place Nov 18th here's the texts unedited: only deleted my reply regarding my address.

If I was wrong I'll take the hit but just a couple weeks prior I got screwed on a mugen lip same story same delays so that was fresh in my mind and I never got a good vibe from the seller so I wasn't the most polite with my replies but I did give him 4 days since the said ship date before I took this route.

If this is a bullshiet thread I apologize in advance just venting and scratching my head
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Default Re: Crx community transaction with member /mgs1098

Well you did forget to give him your address, and he also said he would give you a refund. Why don't you just take the refund? Unless you gave to him as friends and family?
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Default Re: Crx community transaction with member /mgs1098

To all that really care, the parts all shipped. Signature confirmation added. The buyer has pics of the tracking. But is upset because I was busy moving my stuff. Yes the payment was made on the 18th or whatever, but the buyer knew I wouldnt even get my stuff from storage until Thanksgiving weekend. Then once I moved it 650 miles, I had to find his specific parts and get ready to ship. All with work and school, plus real world stuff going on. I stayed in contact the whole time. Then when I was able to ship, didnt hear from him. My local usps is not open weekends, so it shipped today. But again, Im a scammer. No worries. My parts will sell elsewhere. Others want them and have been happy with the purchase. Ive moved on. I told him to do the same instead of bickering back and forth like kids. He will have his parts in a couple days. End of that.
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Default Re: Crx community transaction with member /mgs1098

I have purchased items from This gentleman and would again. I am old and not willing to put up with bullsh*t. Sent my wife to pick up part and had no issue.
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