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Looking to "rent" FWD Honda for testing

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Default Looking to "rent" FWD Honda for testing

Bit of a long shot, but here goes.

I will be behind the wheel of my Mazda again for 2013, but in an effort to get better exposure for myself as a driver and more experience in different platforms, I am looking to essentially rent a mildly to well prepared FWD Honda platform for 1-3 HPDE events this year for testing. What I'm happy to offer in exchange for allowing me to drive your car for the day at the track, is a free trackday for yourself. Obviously we would need to be in different run groups, so if you're still a beginner looking for some cheap seat time, this would be ideal, or even someone with no track experience, we can arrange to go to an HPDE event with a driving school. In addition to your free track day entrance fee, I can provide coaching for less experienced drivers if you are interested. Pretty much all you'll need to pay for is whatever fuel you use on track, I'll cover your entry fee, buy you lunch, pay for a transponder rental for the day, and provide instruction during your sessions if you are interested (assuming your run group allows passengers). I also own a GoPro, so if you'd like to take video of yourself on track with my camera which I'd be bringing regardless for myself, we can arrange that as well. I am located in the Bay Area, so Thunderhill or Buttonwillow would be ideal tracks seeing as they have less risk in terms of walls, and to be honest are quite a bit cheaper for HPDE days than Sonoma or Laguna (although Laguna is still possible, I like that track a lot).

As for the car, it needs to be fairly well prepared for the track so that I can drive it safety and make sure I keep it on the black stuff. Here is a short list of requirements I have for a car I'd be interested in driving:
-Must be in good running shape with no fluid leaks (this is a track rule, too)
-Tires need to be of an Ultra High Performance Summer or better catagory so they do not overheat on track (Star Specs, RE-11s, 615 Azenis, etc for example)
-Brake pads need to be of a track orriented compound (example: Hawk HP+ pads)
-Brake fluid needs to be fresh (changed within the past 2 years) and of at least a DOT4 rating due to the brake heat
-Suspension needs to be in good order, no leaky shocks or dampers with rates not designed for the springs you're running, etc. Stock suspension in good order is fine, but obviously not prefered. I will not consider cars lowered on "just springs" as the shock will not be able to properly handle cornering loads. Doesn't need to be super fancy either though, I don't care if you're on Skunk 2 coilovers or Motons, I just want to know what it is first so I can research it.

The following are some preferences, but not requirements for a car I'd be interested in driving:
-Race or race style fixed back bucket seat able to fit at a smallest a 32 waist
-Harness of some type properly secured to FIA/SFI regulations (5/6 point prefered)
-Roll over protection of some sort (extremely unlikely it will be necassary, but you never know, safety first)
-R Compound tires of some sort are prefered (NT01s, R888s, RA1s for example)

As a disclaimer, your car would be going to a race track, and things do happen. However, because I do not own the car, I do not intend to drive the car 10/10ths at a testing day, I am more after the feel of driving a FWD Honda on track as opposed to my RWD Mazda. While I can't make any guarantees about the other drivers, I intend to bring your car back in one piece. Any part failure on track or damage to the car as a direct result of my actions will be my sole responsability and I will pay to have the problem fixed right away. It should be noted though, you will be responsible for making sure the car is track worthy, it is not my responsibility for a transmission failure if the transmission runs out of fluid because you did not inspect for leaks or top it off before the track day, for example.

If this sounds of interest to you, or if you have any questions, please PM me. I have done track days behind the wheel of other people's cars before and never had any complaints or issues. My videos are on youtube if you're wondering how my driving is to make sure I will be responsible and competent enough with your car. You can find my videos here, just keep in mind this is my personal track car I push to the limit since I own it, your car will not be pushed nearly this hard, I always leave plenty of room for error when behind the wheel of someone else's vehicle.

Assuming you are also from the Bay Area, I'd be happy to meet with you before hand as many times as you wish so you feel comfortable handing over the seat to your baby. I understand how much you care about your car, and I will do everything in my power to assure no harm comes to it while we both enjoy a fun day at the track.

Thank you.
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Default Re: Looking to "rent" FWD Honda for testing

Bump. Had the privilege of driving an FR-S last Sunday, and I have a Mazda2 lined up for September, but I'm still looking to drive a FWD Honda.
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