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How to replace a lower ball joint boot?

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Default How to replace a lower ball joint boot?

I was wondering if anyone can point me to a write up or has any info about how to replace a lower ball joint boot, specifically for a 2000 civic?

I replaced an axle over the summer & inadvertently broke the boot. The ball joint is still fine & has no play but I wanted to get this done before the winter.
Please include tools & pics are a plus if possible.

My assumption is to take off some sort of clip that must be holding on the boot, install new boot & add grease. If that is the way to do it, what tool do you need to take off the clip? How do you add the grease?
My fear is that you need to take out the balljoint in order to replace the boot...
If so, I'd might as well replace the balljoint which is what I'm trying to avoid...
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Default Re: How to replace a lower ball joint boot? (HatchSpeeD)

Most parts stores have a line of universal boots usually under the name of "HELP" hanging on their wall somewhere.
I found a size that fits over my torn ones and put a little RTV on them and slipped over old ones and put front end back together.
Seemed to work for couple years not. Still in place and no weather seems to get into joint. I had to buy two 2 packs of large and small to get the two smalls for both sides. Still about 10-12 dollars spent, and I've got a set for somebody's american car if they need them.

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I don't know if they sell boots individually, usually they just come with the ball joint. There are special pliers to take off the clip, but i don't know if civics actually have them. To add grease you get a grease gun and insert it in the ball joint's nipple and just pump away!
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Default Re: (Civic_07)

You do not have to remove the ball joint, but you do have to pop the lower control arm lose. I can't remember what kind of clip is on there, but I believe it's just a spirol clip. You should be able to take it off with a flat head screwdriver. Use bearing grease and just use your finder to apply it. Don't go over kill with the grease, or it will just get pushed out when you put the castle nut back on. Go to your Honda Dealership and get the boot there. It's not that expensive, and why screw with some aftermarket POS that probably won't fit right. They can also show you a blow up of the parts from there computer screen so you can get an idea of what you're up against. That boot is just a dust boot that keeps the dirt out, and the greese in.
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Default Re: (Honda-Pilot)

Yea my concern was that after I took off the clip & boot was putting the new boot on & how to add the grease. As far as I know there is no grease nipple on our setups & didn't know if you just pulled the clip & boot off, squirted some grease up there & slide the new boot on & secure it with the clip. I can see it getting messy.

It's just something i've never done before. I've done many swaps & other random maintenance but never messed with balljoints other than popping them free. I like to have an idea what I'm getting into before hand rather than shooting myself in the foot.
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