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Honda's Marketing Strategy

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Default Honda's Marketing Strategy

First of all, I just want to say that I stumbled across Honda-Tech the other day and was utterly amazed at how much more mature and advanced the content of you guy's posts and replys are than some of the other boards I was a previous member of.
Anyway, I have always been a little confused as to why Honda, a leading CART race team and long time motorcycle champion refuses to make a real high performance automobile (excluding the NSX of course). The new SI is a joke, the last wasn't too impressive either. The RSX-S is quite tepid for a high-end luxury car company's supposed "sports car". Aside from a 9000 RPM redline and a sturdy chassis, even the S2000 leaves much to be desired. Dare I break the Honda enthusiast's dotted taboo line and suggest that even the Type R series arent all we crack them up to be? Where and why along the line did Honda become THE car to tune?
Is it that Honda has become one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world by selling realiable,conservatively stylish,mild performers and they've really got no reason to change anything?

Don't get me wrong, Im not trying to disrespect the idea on which this site was founded in the first place... I love working on my car just as much as you do... Im just tired of getting spanked by rednecks in v-6's and trying to understand.
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Default Re: Honda's Marketing Strategy (camera obscura)

the NSX isn't all that great either. Z06 kills it, while costing 40 grand less. honda needs to build a front engine, rear wheel drive DOHC VTEC v8 car that weighs 3500 pounds. that would be
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Default Re: Honda's Marketing Strategy (camera obscura)

because honda makes economy cars.

if they COULD TAKE A HINT they would make somthing to compete with the new cars aimed twords young people who modify cars
(like ford dodge chevy toyota nissan etc)
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Default Re: Honda's Marketing Strategy (Kamin)

because honda makes economy cars.

if they COULD TAKE A HINT they would make somthing to compete with the new cars aimed twords young people who modify cars
(like ford dodge chevy toyota nissan etc)
I suppose every decision any corporation makes comes down to the bottom line and come to think of it.. I dont see many WRX's, 350 Z's, Mazdaspeed Protege's, SRT-4's etc. Maybe they are taking a hint.
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Default Re: Honda's Marketing Strategy (camera obscura)

me and a couple of my buddies were just thinking the same, honda hasnt came out with anything real tough. i see the point of why though, they are in the market for economy and comfort. i dont think they put much into the sportyness.

as for the RSX-S, i think it is a good car overall, sure it wont beat a WRX but does the impreza earn LEV with 200 ponies? that goes for all manufactures. honda gets all the respect in my book, considering they make good power with such small engines and still make it efficient.

im not trying to start a 6 page flame, this is my opion. feel free to add,edit,flame on my comments.

we all should be proud of the H badge, the B series vtec motors are like the new generation, just like how chevy has the 350's.....guess thats why b18c1 was in the DC2's for 7 years.....
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Default Re: Honda's Marketing Strategy (DOHCtorTHRUST)

Honda has always been at the forefront of automotive technology. They have continuously produced cars that raise the bar when it comes to an automobile that looks good, has low emissions, and is fun to drive while still being fuel efficient. This was because they refused to compromise on the company's beliefs. Lately, it seems as if Toyota has had more influence on Honda's cars than Honda themselves. Honda, in my opinion, is letting the "fun to drive" aspect take a back seat to building cars that they think the public wants.

What Honda was good at was creating demand, creating a niche. They did not cater to the public. Instead, they built the cars they wanted to build.

Maybe they're still doing that, but I only see the faintest glimmers of that in the current model lineup. I love the NSX for what it is, and there is no way I would rather have a ZO6 over one. Also, neither the Boxster nor the Z3 (I don't know much about the Z4) can provide the thrill that the S2000 can, especially not for the price. And, two years ago, no front wheel drive car being sold in America could hold a candle to what the Integra Type R offered. Even the 6th Gen Si was pretty cool. It was the first "high performance" Civic in years, and wearing the damn sexy Electron Blue Pearl I thought it was the best economy car in 1999.

I liked Hondas because they were lightweight, good on gas, and fun to drive. They're still good on gas, but they're becoming overweight, and I'm sorry to say that an '86 CRX Si would be more pulse-quickening than the new Si.

About the RSX-S. Personally, being the Civic and Sol driver that I am, I think it's an excellent replacement for the GSR. I can understand a lot of Integra owners being upset that their small, slightly-more-luxurious-than-a-Civic, sporty Honda wearing an "" turned into a large, way-more-luxurious-than-a-Civic, decently quick Acura.

Honda still makes great cars. They're just great for slightly different reasons than they used to be. I would have no qualms against owning a new Honda for a daily driver, but for my next enthusiast-oriented ride, it will most likely not have a or an on the front. Unless of course, Honda decides to take the lead in a race that they started.

Finally, camera obscura, I'm glad that you found Honda-Tech. It's, IMHO, the best Honda performance site out there. Still, I'm wondering slightly about your motive for entering this world of compact tuning. If you are into Hondas because you've heard that they're easy to work on, fun to drive, and fairly cheap to buy and maintain, then fine. That's why they're popular. But if you're into Hondas because they have the potential to outrun a 5.0, then you're in it for the wrong reason. That's all my opinion of course. I think it's great that people are building 12-second street cars. However, I know of too many people that bought a Civic EX thinking they could outrun their friend's Camaro while stock.
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