Owner Spotlight: Third Time Lucky For Jeremy’s Honda Civic Obsession

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Honda-tech.com Owner Spotlight 2016 Civic

Generation after generation, Jeremy’s love of modifying his Civics can’t be stopped.

For almost a decade now, Jeremy Martin has been modifying Hondas, and his love for the craft shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Back in 2009 Jeremy was looking to pick up a car and start down the modification rabbit hole. All of his friends were avoiding Honda, so Jeremy thought the best way to be different was to snag something with a big H across the hood. Armed with the keys to a 1994 EG Civic sedan, he started his journey.

After slamming the ’94, and loving life, Jeremy pushed things a little far and blew up the motor. Using this as a good excuse to upgrade, he moved on to a 2001 EM1 coupe. He loved his Si and held on to that for a while, but freshly married he decided to be more practical and sold the Si. It didn’t take long for that Honda itch to grow to unbearable levels, so he headed to the dealer and brought home a new 2016 Honda Civic LX sedan.

He’s only had the car around a year, but he wasted no time modifying the thing to fit his personal style. The stock wheels have been tossed in favor of some 17×9 JNC 005 units, mounted with custom lugs nuts of course. The car sits low and tight on those new rollers thanks to 2-inch lowering springs from D2. Accentuating this newfound lowness is a new front lip and the Import Alliance tow strap gives it a little extra flair.


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Performance wise things are mostly untouched. “It’s still under warranty, so I’ll wait a bit for that” he says. Still, that warranty didn’t stop him from adding a short ram intake from HPS and 2.5-inch straight pipes that end with some handsome slash-cut 3.5-inch tips.

I ask Jeremy if he has any more plans for the future and he laughs. “Oh yes. They are never done.” He wants to go for a full-on show car style build. The to-do list includes switching out the springs for coilovers, adding a camber kit, picking up some aggressive 18×10 wheels with a 0 offset, and move to a more complete body kit. Engine sound is just as important to the overall style for Jeremy, so he wants to swap to an Invidia N1 exhaust as well.

He doesn’t have any plans to do major performance modifications to this particular Civic, but we’ll have to see how long that holds out. If you ask him about his favorite, he’ll tell you the Si was the one he loved the most. It’s pretty easy to tell by talking with him though, his 2016 is quickly moving into the top spot in his heart.

I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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