The McLaren Honda Formula One Team Has A New Guy In Charge

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As the Formula 1 season wraps up, McLaren Honda have announced Zak Brown (shown on right) as Executive Director of McLaren Technology Group. Brown, a veteran of motorsport marketing and partnerships, will bring some much-needed strategic moves for the Formula 1 team.

With a number of setbacks for the 2016 season, the newly partnered team of McLaren and Honda have not performed as expected and Zak will have some work ahead of him. However, he is also the founder of JMI (Just Marketing International) which is the worlds largest motorsport marketing firm.

As Executive Director, he is facing some challenges with keeping sponsorship onboard the team after Ron Dennis departed from the team. Brown, and current Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Neale.

With the final race of the season on the 27th of this month, Brown will surely take the down time of the off-season to ensure the team can run at a profit next year. That may include new commercial partnerships, as well as working with Neale to ensure development of the 2017 engine and aero package bring the team back to the front of the grid.

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