Acura’s Precision Cockpit is the Business

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The future is here, and all the things we once saw in James Bond movies are now in our every day vehicles. Such is the case of the newly unveiled Acura Precision Cockpit.

Recently shown-off at the LA Auto Show, Acura has ventured into the world of artificial intelligence, 3D graphics, and how to merge all of that with our ever-capable mobile devices. Needless to say, the whole point of doing this is to offer a much more engaging experience, as well as bring higher safety standards to today’s tech-distracted drivers.

The Precision Cockpit leverages a plethora of onboard sensors and artificial intelligence to point out the projected path or paths of other road users, with the goal of getting a heads up on a jogger coming from your left, or the kid in a bicycle that’s about to cross your path. The system is made up of a completely digital driver’s information display (gauge cluster), as well as a massive 12.3 inch screen above the center console. Obviously, highly-advanced software and sensors are employed to make it all work, though Acura hasn’t exactly told us “how” they really do.

This awesome video by Andrew Krok from, Roadshow, shows us the system in action, as well as a pretty sweet Pac-Man suit. Rock on, Andrew!

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