Super-clean EK Civic Hatch Track Build Shows Up at the Nurburgring

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Proof positive that you don’t need a ton of power and fancy parts to be seriously fast at the race track.

Bringing you all the best videos from around the Internet is one of our favorite pastimes. Take any Honda fan, even the casual ones, and they can tell you the ’90s were a Golden era for Hondas. Especially the Civic, and especially the hatchbacks. On Hoonigan’s Bonus YouTube channel (because why not have a bonus channel?) Vinny Anatra and Larry Chen are checking out a car show presumably in Germany, likely at the Nurburgring, a 12.9-mile-long track famous for its difficulty. Try any serious racing game and you’ll see why.

So, Anatra and Chen are at a car show in Germany and happen to find an impeccably clean EK Hatch (1996-2000) that’s been prepped for track use. Now, it’s not an all-out track build, but rather a tried-and-true recipe for handling. The paint color, though hard for us to make out with his accent, appears to be Atomic Blue Metallic. It’s a factory color, and man does it look good.

EK Hatch Track Car Germany

The owner, who’s had the car for 9 years, focused on dropping weight and improving grip. He explains that the Civic now weighs less than 1,000 kg, which is less than 2,200 lbs. He stripped the interior from the front seats back, leaving a more livable space up front. It’s clean too! At each corner are 16-inch Yokohama Advan AD08Rs. Under the hood, however, the Civic is sporting a demure 110 hp from a D series engine. How does it all stack up? “On the Nurburgring Nordschleife, it’s brilliant,” the owner tells the Hoonigan crew. He adds, almost as a side note, that his time is under 9 minutes 30 seconds. Which is, frankly, super impressive for a privateer driver, especially when you consider its making near-stock power.

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