A Treasure Trove of Hondas Hides in Plain Sight in Denmark

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From some of the earliest models to a low-mileage NSX, one Danish man’s Honda collection is the star of the neighborhood.

It’s not often you find a collection of Hondas outside of a dealership showroom. Most of the time, our cars and crossovers serve as daily transportation, with one or two built up for track days and drag races. The highly prized Hondas, like the S2000 and the NSX, are usually mixed in with other makes and models in a given private collection.

Thus, it’s a breath of fresh air to happen upon a private collection devoted solely to Hondas. One such collection, visited by Jason Richmond (a.k.a., HondaPro Jason), lives in the garage of an unassuming home somewhere in Denmark.

“For those of you who haven’t seen it before, this [2011 CR-Z] actually has a back seat,” says Richmond. “[It’s] not super comfortable… maybe for a baby or groceries, but it’s so cool you actually have a back seat.”

As for the Integra Type-R, its owner, Rasmus Grønbæk, says it’s “a totally original car” from Sweden that he uses “for track days… because [he likes] the idea of driving it like Honda meant [for] it to be driven.”

Red Honda Signage

“You travel all around Europe looking for the perfect vehicles,” Richmond says. “It’s very important to you.”

Grønbæk’s walls are covered in Honda ads and memorabilia, while his floor has a pair of red Honda dealership signs, which is not as rare as as the USDM-only blue signs.

Honda Civic + NSX + Integra Type-R

What is rare is a low-mileage, stock 1991 NSX, like the one from Sweden in his garage, which still has its original rubber (though Grønbæk says he doesn’t drive with those tires on), and around 10,000 miles on the odometer.


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Next to the NSX is another rarity, a 1991 Civic EF hatch from Switzerland with a factory-installed B16 motor. Grønbæk is the second owner, who says he’s only ever seen the setup in his white Civic. The other Integra Type-R in the back comes from Germany, is all-original, and has only over 62,000 on the odometer.

“The Integra is special to me because I had an Integra 15 years ago,” says Grønbæk. “I can relate to that when I was younger, [and it’s] the same with the Civic. I had that one as well. It’s kind of bringing all the memories back.”

Honda Civic

Other cars in Grønbæk’s collection include a first-gen Civic that Richmond autographed the last time he visited Denmark, and a Euro-market 1986 CRX with 124 horsepower and in mint condition, which Grønbæk praises for its light weight and high performance.

Danish Honda Article

“You have a lot of magazines, and you have a lot of brochures, a lot of cool, old NSX brochures,” says Richmond. “What I think is the coolest, though, is this MotorClassic magazine, because there is an article written just about you and your cars. That is awesome.”

Long may Grønbæk’s collection be forever Honda.

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