To Warm up Your Honda or Not Warm up Your Honda? That’s the Real Question

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Warm up

Folks that live in nice and warm climates have it easy, right? I mean, they don’t have to clear snow off their cars, scrape their windshields, and warm up their engines. You know, because you’re supposed to idle your Honda in order to warm up the engine and reduce wear. Or are you?

People live by different codes, which means that some are flat-out religious about warming up their cars. And some couldn’t give two craps. But who’s right, and would you even believe their reasoning behind it? Well, it’s all far-fetched, so we thought to enlist a knowledgeable professional to help setttle this debate.

You may know the folks from Engineering ExplainedThey have some of the most in-depth videos about all-things automotive on YouTube, and typically shed light on controversial issues such as this one. So, back to the main question: should you or should you not warm up your car?

I won’t even attempt to rewrite everything that’s said on the video, as it’s better watched than read. But one thing is clear, idling your Honda for extended periods of time isn’t good. In fact, the video goes on to say that if you live in cold climates, you should only idle your car for the few minutes it takes you to clear it from snow or ice. Not a minute longer. For me, that’s only about three to five minutes or so.

The logic behind it is that engines don’t really generate that much heat while idling, compared to when their being driven. Idling for extended periods of time could inject excess fuel into the cylinder and wear away lubrication. Reportedly, it’s better to idle for a few minutes, and then drive at a relaxed pace to properly raise the temperature.

So, what do you think about this? Is it true, or is it blasphemy?

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