Is Acura’s Original NSX A Functional Supercar, And Is It Worth Six Figures?

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In this video, Autotrader’s Doug DeMuro contemplates the value of Acura’s lovely NSX. The car in question here, a 2003 model, features very low miles and a near-pristine status that allows it to command a high asking price. That price currently sits at $125,000, which is a lot. However, consider that this car offered a lot of value for the money in its day, and remains a remarkably capable sports car even now. When Honda’s New Sports eXperimental launched at the dawn of the 1990s, it forced every other sports car maker to go back to the drawing board. It was a Ferrari and Lamborghini beater from the Far East and required far less maintenance.

DeMuro applauds the NSX’s F-16 inspired cab-forward cockpit layout with excellent road visibility, as well he should. More than anything, though, he spends the majority of the video shouting about how the NSX is so functional. Functionality over form was the name of the game for Honda on this car. It had a simple everything-within-reach interior and a no-nonsense low-slung angular exterior design.

There are some unique quirks about the NSX, however. Here Doug comments that he thought it was weird to have the car’s trunk slung out back behind the engine, while the front compartment holds little more than the spare tire. A mid-engined car without a “frunk” is a bit odd. The door-mounted HVAC vents struck him as strange as well. He also mentions the light on the cassette deck that says “Clean Cassette” and asks if the NSX is so functional that it will clean your cassettes. We hate to break it to him, but it’s much more functional than that. The light comes on when your cassette player needs to be cleaned, as the car came with a “head cleaning tape“.

As for whether this Acura is worth $125,000, we only have this to say: It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Doug says he likes the NSX more than a Ferrari 360 Modena or a Lamborghini Gallardo, so that’s pretty high praise. He has much, much more to say about the car in his column on doug demuro acura NSX autotrader review

[Source: Doug DeMuro on YouTube]

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