Building an Aryton Senna Tribute Acura NSX

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If your NSX is having an interior refresh, why not have a Senna inspired wrap as well?

When the owner of this NSX took his car to Galpin Auto Sports, they came up with a spectacular Senna inspired wrap. They also dropped this video on YouTube to show the process, including stripping out the interior. They also had to pull off some of the bodywork to do the wrap properly. It’s particularly fun to hear the technician point out the car isn’t that easy to work on because it was hand built and designed to stay built.

Ayrton Senna inspired NSX wrap.

The red and white livery comes from Senna’s stint driving McLaren F1 cars with Honda hearts and sponsored by Marlboro. He drove both the MP4/4 car for one of the most dominant performances of one of F1’s most dominant cars. In 1988, powered by a 1.5 liter Honda turbo V6, Mclaren took all but just one pole position. Senna took the drivers championship and McLaren the constructors trophy. To add insult to injury Senna and his team mate, Alain Prost, both ran 1 minute 27-second laps at the San Marino Grand Prix while the rest of the field could’nt get under 1 minute and 30 seconds. Tragically, that’s the same circuit where Senna lost his life in 1994.

Despite his early death aged 34, Senna is recognized as one of the greatest drivers of all time. He was a ferocious all-rounder who could deliver a one-lap qualifying sprint and then dominate on a wet or dry track. That’s what made him the race car driver’s race car driver, and perfect for Honda to bring on board to help fine tune the NSX’s chassis and suspension. He also loved the car and owned two for himself to drive, both with significant personal license plates. There probably couldn’t be a better endorsement for a car out there.

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