Why Rob Ferretti Is Wrong About Acura’s New NSX

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This Supercar Insider says The NSX is a ‘Flop’. Here’s our take on why he’s wrong. 

Aside from the fact that Rob is using inflammatory language in order to attract more views to his videos (and we’re only helping him by posting it here), there are a few flaws with his logic. We’ll break down his arguments one-by-one below and tell you why we feel that he’s perhaps overstepping and exaggerating a bit to make his point. Acura’s new NSX is not a flop, it’s actually selling far better than the original mid-engine Acura did here in North America, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

Point 1: The 2017 NSX isn’t as exciting as the original

It is possible that this is the most subjective point raised by Feretti’s rant. Driving excitement is quite subjective and depends entirely upon who is behind the wheel. When people who are expertly skilled at driving step behind the wheel, they happen to love the NSX effect. Several reviews have said that having the car on the sportier Michelin tires really wakes up the chassis on track as well. On the road, if you can’t get excited by hybrid torque delivery and wicked speed, you might need to check your pulse.

Point 2: Dealers are cold calling to sell NSX

Rob then launches into a tirade about dealers he’s never worked with before calling him to ask if he wants to buy an NSX. While there are some NSX buyers who are die-hard Acura fanatics, it’s likely that your average TLX or RDX buyer isn’t going to be interested in an NSX. Dealers are thinking outside the box in order to sell their cars. Ferretti in making this video, is standing in front of a Ferrari 488 and a Porsche Cayman GT4 among many others. It is obvious that he has the means to purchase such a car, and might be interested. Aside from the fact that his YouTube channel has half a million subscribers, and the dealer might be interested in some free advertisement as a side benefit.

Point 3: The NSX isn’t selling well

In point of fact, the 2017 NSX sold better in North America in 2016 than the original NSX did most years. In a partial year, from June to December, Acura delivered 319 NSX units to buyers in the US and Canada. Considering that production had to be ramped up, marketing had just begun, and deliveries hadn’t taken place until halfway through the year, the 2016 calendar year saw more average monthly sales than all years of original NSX sales in North America excluding 1991, 1992, and 1995.

Point 4: There are too many on eBay

Rob here claims that since there are 22 new NSX models on eBay that dealers are overpricing them and nobody wants them. He then responds that if you want a Ferrari 488 or a Porsche GT3 (presumably an RS) that you have to “get in line.” However similar searches on eBay show 18 GT3 RS and 20 Ferrari 488s. So have Porsche and Ferrari overpriced their cars as well?

What are your thoughts? Is the NSX overpriced and unexciting? Let us know by making your voice heard in the forums.

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