HT Member Turns His Stock Integra Into a 190 MPH Machine

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One day, you’re casually tuning your coupe, the next you realize you’re on an accidental quest to get your car to hit 190 mph. That basically sounds like what happened to Honda-Tech forum member gringotegra, who owns a turbocharged Acura Integra GSR.

“Last year i took my car down to Shift-S3ctor’s 1/2 mile event,” he posted. “Ended up going 182.33mph in my Integra with 0 areo work other than taping the headlights up.¬†Anyway after taping up the headlights i gained just shy of 3mph. So i thought holy **** i wonder how this car will do with some Aero work. Well i have been working on it and plan to go to the next Shift-S3ctor in April.

He’s made a laundry list of upgrades to the Teg, but here’s what matters: an ETS front-facing turbo kit and ETS intercooler, a Skunk2 racing series intake manifold, FIC injectors, Wiseco pistons, Manley Turbo Tuff rods, Supertech valve springs, Ferrea valves, and GSC cams.

All those modifications have boosted the car up to at least 740 horsepower. Since his decision to chase 190, he’s been trying to improve aerodynamics and reduce weight. He now has a front splitter with accompanying side skirts and rear diffuser, did a hood exit exhaust, he was doing a full flat underbody, and he added wildwood brakes for stopping.

Check out the rest of the thread to see if he achieved his goal.

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