Donut Media Goes ‘Bumper 2 Bumper’ on the Acura NSX

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NSX was Honda’s original super car, here is everything you need to know about it, from ‘Bumper 2 Bumper.’

‘What would you do with $60,000?’ asks Donut Media host James Pumphrey. You could put a down payment on a house, maybe take care of some of those pesky student loans. Or, you could throw your aspirations of being debt-free in a paper shredder, and buy an Acura NSX, instead.

What’s the big deal? Well, the NSX was Honda’s first shot at making a supercar, and, according to a lot of people, they did a damn good job of it. Honda used their experiences from Formula One to build a road car that could kick a Ferrari 348’s ass while offering typical Honda reliability.

Donut Media Bumper 2 Bumper Honda Acura NSX

Pumphrey goes on to ooze accolades and nostalgic fervor upon the NSX, inside and out. The exterior styling is delightfully of its era, complete with the ubiquitous pop-up headlights, but the silhouette is still contemporary, striking and utterly desirable, leaving most car enthusiasts weak in the knees. Inside, the NSX is clean and simple, but, as Pumphrey notes, not entirely unrelated from other Honda stablemates, pushing several buttons lifted directly from a contemporary Civic.


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Still, it doesn’t matter because when the NSX arrived in North America in 1991, it rode in on a tidal wave of Japanese sportscar domination and desirability. It was a mid-engined, rear-drive supercar with a screaming VTEC engine, so, of course, the early era JDM fanboys were losing their minds over the car. Of course, it’s inclusion in prominent pieces of pop culture, like the Gran Turismo video game series, certainly helped.

Donut Media Bumper 2 Bumper Honda Acura NSX

All of this perhaps explains why, despite being nearly 30 years old, original NA1 NSXs can easily trade hands for crazy figures, like that $60,000 number mentioned back in the beginning. Now, please excuse us as we empty out our piggy banks masquerading as savings accounts and go into debt to add another old Honda to our collection. It’s probably worth it.

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