2016 Honda Civic Still as Good as a Compact Sedan Gets

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For decades, the Honda Civic has been the benchmark of economy compact sedans and coupes. In fact, it’s the Civic that started the economy segment back when American manufacturers ruled the streets with their large, heavy, and fuel-thirsty machines.

Of course, times have drastically changed since then, and just about every auto manufacturer produces a compact sedan or coupe, a hybrid, and maybe even a fully electric vehicle nowadays — which means the competition for sleek looks, efficiency, and value is as ruthless as it’s ever been. So, how does the all-new Honda Civic perform in such world?


My test vehicle was a range-topping $27,335 Civic Touring, and it featured every bell and whistle in the Honda catalog. But more importantly, it was outfitted with Honda’s cutting edge safety tech called Honda Sensing. The Honda Sensing package is included in the Touring trim, but can also be had in other lower models for about $1,000 bucks, which for camera and radar safety technology is a total bargain.

Leather seats, power driver and passenger seats, LED headlights, XM radio, navigation, and even Apple CarPlay are some of the features our test vehicle possessed, which made it hard to believe we were onboard a Civic, since the level of equipment and price reflected that of an Accord. One thing the Civic does better than the Accord (besides look better), is fuel-efficiency, as I achieved an estimated 40 mpg on the highway and 34 mpg combined.


As this video by @DrivesWGirls shows, the best part about the 2016 Civic is the attention to detail inside and out, the mind-blowing technology, and the comfort and convenience features that still make it the best economy compact sedan on the road, regardless of which trim you buy.

Awesome job, Honda!

2016 Honda Civic

  • Starts at: $18,640
  • Price as tested: $$27,335

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