Insane 2.7L K24 Race Engine at PRI Trade Show

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Is SEMA too blasé for your discerning tastes? Are you sick of the show cars that spend all of their time hardparked 99.9% of thier lives? Well, the PRI show is right up your alley. Standing for “Performance Racing Industry,” PRI connects manufacturers of race parts with buyers, distributors and racing teams who will use, sell and advertise their parts. PRI has an annual trade show where these race part manufacturers can showcase themselves, their services and their parts. So, it’s like a very concentrated SEMA, where the focus is specifically on cool, go-fast stuff.

We found a few cool Honda-related things, but the one that stood out was this INSANE K24 engine, built by 4 Piston Cylinder Heads, which produces a naturally aspirated 500 horsepower on the engine dyno, and about 450 wheel horsepower on a dynojet chassis dyno. Check this thing out:

A 90mm bore with a massive 106mm stroke takes this K24 engine out to 2.7L of displacement. Usually substantially upping the stroke on a naturally aspirated engine will produce enormous torque, but at the expense of maximum RPM, as the risk of bending a rod tends to increase. Not the case here, as the bottom end has been fortified and fully built, with a custom billet crank to support that level of stroke, ultra-lightweight Wiseco pistons and rods which reduce the workload on said crank, in part allowing the engine to spin in excess of 10,000RPM (specified working RPM range is 6,000-10,400). Compression ratio stands at an eye-watering 16:1, and race fuel is definitely required. Good God, almighty. Obviously, the cylinder head has been worked over, in this case, producing 430CFM of air flow, which is incredible for such a comparatively, small engine.


This is the ragged working edge of what a low-displacement, naturally-aspirated four cylinder engine is capable of, producing an insane 185 horsepower per liter. Despite that, if you opt to purchase a complete 4 Pistons built K27 engine it will actually come with a start-up warranty. If you opt to have it installed by an authorized vendor they will actually honor an extended warranty on the engine. A 500 horsepower naturally-aspirated K engine that revs to over 10,000RPM. Wow.

Start saving your pennies, this package starts at $14,500. 

Video and information courtesy of Wiseco Automotive and 4 Pistons Cylinder Heads.

Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for Honda-Tech and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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