By - 2019 Honda S2000 successor S1500 leak reveal rumor info April Fools

You saw it here first: This is the 2019 Honda S2000.

A friend of honda-tech sent us two exclusive images of what is the long-rumored Honda S2000 successor. We won’t oust our informant, but they work at an ad agency that works with American Honda Motor Company. He states that only some basic information has been told to them thus far.

We called it an S2000 in the headline, but that’s a misnomer: it’s actually an S1500. We don’t know any details about the powertrain, but it is oddly coincidental that Honda now has a 1.5L turbocharged four cylinder engine in it’s line up. The center exit exhaust tail pipe does draw comparison to the upcoming Civic Si, which also uses the L15 turbo engine. Honda has previously hinted at a possible hybrid setup for it’s S2000 successor a la the Acura NSX. Hmm… 2019 Honda S2000 succesor S1500 leak reveal rumor info April Fools

While the original S2000 was by no means a large car, the S1500 does seem to be smaller. It’s more directly comparable to the “ND” Miata currently on sale. More so than that, one can’t help but notice it looks awfully similar to the Japan-exclusive Honda S660 roadster. The S660 would offer the upcoming S1500 a rear-wheel drive platform from which to work off of. However, the S660 is mid-engined. That could always leave room for a mild hybrid system to power the front wheels. It would also give distinction to the S1500’s powertrain so that it feels more special than the Civic Si’s engine.

One last thing: check today’s date. Sorry, y’all.

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