Honda DelSol Build AKA Mustang Cobra Killer

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Like many Hondas, the DelSol has nearly unlimited tuning possibilities. It’s short frame, stout chassis and rather big engine bay has allowed for endless tuners to build their dream cars on a budget.

Such is the case of this specific build from forum member, RC000E, who proudly shares his story about the time he beat some schmuck onboard a Mustang Cobra.

It all started with a 1993 Honda DelSol he purchased for $1,300 bucks, and ended up as a $4,200 dollar project, though he saved a bunch of cash by doing most of the fabrication work himself. The GT3071R motor revved all the way up to 8,500 RPM and sent over 400 horsepower to the rear wheels.

Here’s the list of mods that went into this DelSol:

  • GT3071R
    B18A bottom/B16 head
    My own portwork
    My own manifold (sch10 304 stainless, fully TIG welded/backpurged)
    My own charge pipes (2.5″)/down pipe (3″ open)
    Greddy Type S bov
    Tial 38mm wastegate with 4lb spring open dump
    RC 440’s (Precision 880’s waiting)
    ARP headstuds, rod bolts
    ACL race bearings
    Topline rings
    AEBS intake mani
    K&N filter
    ACT clutch and flywheel
    Jimfab torque mounts
    Fluidyne rad
    some other stuff that isn’t that important
    CROME Pro tuned

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