Member Spotlight: “The Beast” Has All-Wheel Drive

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Forum member 88ED8 has a pretty sweet ride. What started out, we assume, as a humble CRX has been modified to make some serious horsepower. But additionally, it was given an all-wheel drive system because, why not?

The work is pretty sweet, and you can follow the entire build by clicking the forum link at the end of the post, but he’s done everything from restoring the body to putting in a high-compression engine with a nice little turbo. Without the all-wheel drive, it’d be pretty sweet.


But all-wheel drive is better than just front-wheel drive at putting the power down, so 88ED8 went that route. He quickly learned that the “Real Time AWD” found in Hondas like the CRV is actually pretty slow in responding. It wasn’t designed for a high-performance application, obviously. So he removed the rear oil pumps and dropped in a hydraulic throwout bearing. This gives him a lot of control over the clutch pack in the rear that sends power to the individual wheels.


Making boat loads of power with basically an experimental all-wheel drive system creates other issues and exposes weaknesses. That’s why he needed a new rear axle; the stock one just couldn’t handle it.

It’s a serious build that I have a ton of respect for. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

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