Honda Civic Driver Demonstrates How Not to Get Gas

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Civic driver pulls off, perhaps, the greatest stunt a Civic has ever pulled off by entering gas station airborne, and sideways.

Trips to the gas station are generally pretty boring and routine. You roll in, wait your turn, swipe your card, and fill ‘er up. It’s a rather mundane yet necessary time killer, if you ask us. Something that could use a little injection of excitement. But that’s not to say that you should turn your next trip to the pumps into the ridiculous thrill ride one Missouri resident and Honda Civic owner did lately.

The story of the flying Civic comes to us from local news outlet KSLA, who thankfully also managed to retrieve video of the incident. According to the article, the driver was speeding down Old Fannin Road in Flowood when she kinda lost control. The Civic goes sideways before hitting a bit of an embankment and catching the kind of air that would make Tony Hawk proud.

Honda Civic

Like a skilled Olympic gymnast, the Civic then amazingly lands right in between a pair of fuel pumps. And even though filling ‘er up won’t do the poor compact sedan any favors at this point, we still give this routine a perfect 10. Outside of Ken Block, who the heck could pull this off intentionally? And in case you needed us to tell you, don’t try this at home.

Honda Civic

Perhaps even more miraculously, the driver was able to get out and walk away after she stuck the landing. There was no Micheal Bay-like Hollywood explosion, either. In fact, the driver wound up suffering only minor injuries from the incredibly dramatic incident. But she did score a charge of driving under the influence, so she won’t walk away completely empty-handed.

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