Going Fast with Honda and Acura at SEMA 2017

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Honda and Acura showcase the motorsport goods at SEMA 2017.

This is the NSX GT3. It looks fast, it goes fast, and Acura brought two of them to SEMA this year. Here is carbon fiber-bodied supercar turned race car in the raw.

Too much carbon for you? Here is the ScienceofSpeed “Dream Project” NSX. This is the tuner car NSX that I wish we saw more of. If you’re an enthusiast with the means to afford it, here’s what you need to replicate this Dream Project. An intake, exhaust, coil-overs, aero kit and wheels will get you to this point.

The last bit of NSX goodness slots in the middle of the RealTime Racing GT3 car, and the ScienceofSpeed street car.

RealTime Racing also brought out their Acura TLX race cars. The group made headlines this year when they converted their Pirelli World Challenge TLX race car into Pikes Peak International Hill Climb cars. Peter Cunningham, owner of RTR retired from PWC alongside his TLX race cars. It was at this time that he switched his focus to Pikes Peak. Despite it being their inaugural outing, Cunningham and the RealTime Racing TLX put on a great showing.

Then there was the Global Rallycross Civic. This is a seriously impressive little car, even though the team may not be seeing the level of success they were hoping for. I’m sure they will come back swinging in 2018.

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