CarMax Offers TOP Dollar for YouTube-Famous 1996 Honda Accord

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It’s been a highly unlikely turn of events for the owner of this 1996 Accord.

Just a few days ago we told about a guy who might as well be called “Boyfriend of the year.” See, when his girlfriend (now fiance) decided to sell her 1996 Honda Accord with 141,096 miles, he stepped up to the plate and created a “simple” video to help promote it.


Over five million views, a dozen articles, and one engagement later, the lucky couple seems to be sitting atop a gold mine and not a 21-year-old Honda Accord. Why? Due to the amount of exposure and publicity that the video received, the hilarious piece of footage eventually made it to a shot-caller at none other than freaking CarMax.

That’s right, the nation’s largest used vehicle retailer caught wind of this video published by FulariousTV and said: “Sure, why not!” In typically millennial fashion, CarMax tweeted at the couple and said they had a juicy offer for them. Well juicy it was, because it’s a whopping $19,000 more than what the Kelley Blue Book deems it worth. In other words, they were offered $20,000 — which happens to be more than a 2018 base-model Civic.

Before CarMax got involved the Accord had already reached nearly $10,000 through eBay. That is, until some jackass began placing fraudulent bids for $150,000. At that point, eBay management stepped in and canceled the listing. The same thing happened a second time after the vehicle was relisted, only to be shut down again.

As far as we know, the couple hasn’t pulled the trigger on the ridiculously high offer — which has us wondering if this whole thing was created for publicity, to begin with. After all, would you really have to think about accepting an offer over $19,000 higher than the original selling price?

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