Stumped for Halloween Ideas? How ‘Bout ASIMO?

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If you happen to be a huge fan of Honda’s iconic mini robot, ASIMO, then this full-size costume will have you slowly running around the neighborhood in the search of candy this Halloween. That’s right, now you can become ASIMO!

But please, be warned ahead of time: take your time walking up to doors, be extra careful climbing any stairs.

Playing the world’s most famous working robot will no doubt prove addictive, and you may find yourself unable to return to “normal” life. Because really, isn’t life just easier as a robot? JustĀ don’t forget to eat and drink.

You can purchase your own ASIMO costume atĀ Here’s what the ASIMO Robot Costume Suit features:

Size: up to around 180cm (5.9 ft) in height (adult size)
Materials: urethane, polyurethane, PVC etc
Cannot be put on alone (needs help!)
Cannot be washed in washing machine
Includes head, body, hand/gloves, feet and leggings

Seems like a surefire costume contest winner, don’t you think?

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