Uninstalled Takata Airbag Manages to Kill Someone

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The Takata airbag saga continues, but the unfortunate news come with a bit of a twist this time. The airbags that caused the death of one Texas person, weren’t even installed on a vehicle.

According to the Detroit Bureau, Takata, the airbag manufacturer blamed for at least 14 deaths across the globe and thousands of other injury cases pending resolution, made the news headlines again for more fatalities. Many of these were installed in Honda vehicles from 2001 to 2003.

It all happened in South Texas not too far from the Mexican border, where a semi-truck operated by a third-party contractor managed to crash into a private residence. The truck was on its way from Takata’s Mexico plant, and headed to their Texas plant in Eagle pass.  It’s still not clear what caused the 20-year-old truck driver to lose control of his vehicle, but reports say that it was a strong-enough collision to ignite both the truck and the private residence it crashed into.


Authorities said that the airbag’s ammonium nitrate inflators had definitely detonated, causing a massive explosion on the scene which sent truck debris over one mile away from the crash-site. It’s still not clear wether the airbags detonated after the crash due to the fire, or if they’re the real reason behind the crash, as they could’ve detonated while the truck was on the road and the driver to lose control.

Unfortunately, the 69-year-old home-owner, Lucila Robles was inside her home at the time of the collision, and was later pronounced dead after the local forensic team recovered dental remains from the fire.

It seems that Takata is in for another bad day on the stock market…

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