EG Civics and K24 Engines are a Perfect Match

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EG hatchback K24 track car

Newer cars too big and complicated for your taste? Check out this awesome track-ready EG Civic hatch.

Honda has evolved over time. It’s a two-part evolution, when it really comes down to it. One in terms of technology and the other in terms of regulation. Regulations such as safety standards are critically important, and while we like them, they do burden a car with weight. Each year, the bloat grows bigger and the engine is left to keep up with the heft. But put one of those newer motors in an old Honda and some magic happens. Like this K24-swapped EG hatch we found on Craigslist.

Without the need for emissions equipment and some creature comfort items, this K-swap install on an EG hatch is on par with some of the best wire tuck engine bays we’ve seen. We like how clean this example is, especially for the fact that it is a dedicated track car rather than just for show. But it can show, too. K-Tuned goodies under the hood compliment the factory reliability of the stock K24A2 block. As well, inside the car is just the same as the engine bay, with a fully stripped and painted interior cleaner than a doctor’s office.

EG hatchback K24 track car

Just because the K24 is stock doesn’t make the supporting modifications any less special. A larger throttle body, and 4-into-1 header help the K motor breathe a bit better. Shifting is done through a K-tuned unit, with accompanying cables leading to the Civic Si transmission which has carbon synchros installed in the first four gears.


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The natural light weight of the EG puts the power to weight ratio in its advantage, even with a stock motor. However, a big front splitter and an APR rear wing complimented help grip, which is by K1 shocks, Skunk 2 rear arms, adjustable camber on all four corners, and Toyo R888R tires. Could it be the ultimate EG track car?


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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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