Dual LS-Powered Acura RSX is an Incredible Work in Progress

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Acura RSX could end up with more than 1,700 horsepower from four turbochargers and sixteen cylinders.

The video above comes to us from the Standkes Garage YouTube channel via the folks at Motor1 and it features the most unique Acura RSX we have ever seen. This RSX is owned and built by a YouTuber named Ryan Standke, who decided that having a front-wheel-drive, turbocharged, LS4-powered Acura coupe wasn’t enough, so he is making it all-wheel-drive, but not by the “conventional” means of adding a transfer case and such.

Instead, Standke is adding a second turbocharged LS4 that will drive the rear wheels, with the overall plan to have an Acura RSX with dual twin-turbocharged GM LS4 engines; one driving each set of wheels with a goal of roughly 1,750 horsepower.

Acura LS-Powered RSX Front

Meet the LSRSX

The video begins with Standke talking about his new wheel-and-tire package, featuring big, fat drag slicks at all four corners. This Acura RSX has an LS4 under the hood which made around 600 wheel horsepower when the car only had one V8, but now it has two.

Acura RSX Rear LS Engine

The second engine is not operational just yet, but Standke has it positioned between the rear wheels. To do this, he had to cut the rear unibody supports and then reconfigure them to provide the structural rigidity needed to handle all of this power. He also added lateral supports for the chassis which also help hold the engine in place, along with addition tubes running with width of the rear engine bay area. Standke points out that he had to route the headers upwards because there is no room below the engine with the rear suspension, so he will eventually have two gigantic turbochargers hovering above this new-to-him LS4.

Acura RSX LS4 Rear Engine Close

Finally, he gives us a look at the fuel cell, which is currently configured for just one engine, but Standke points out where and how the cell will be modified for the addition engine in the near future.

Acura RSX Fuel Cell

Turbo Dilemma

At the end of the video, Standke gives us a look at the complete engine up front, fitted with a Garrett turbo that is soon to be removed. He explains that he originally planned on running twin Borg Warner S480 turbos in the front and rear, but that is “too cliché”, so he instead plans on running HX82 turbos with 127-millimeter compressor wheels.

Acura RSX Front LS4 Engine

To be clear, we are talking about four gigantic turbochargers that are usually used on big diesel trucks, situated in pairs on dual LS4 V8 engines. Having made around 600 wheel horsepower with the single engine and the relatively small turbocharger, the twin setup and the extra engine should allow him to meet his goals of 1,700+ all-wheel-horsepower. In the meantime, check out the video above for a closer look the Acura LSRSX in progress.

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