DC5 Integra Type R Trashes Around Ebisu Circuit for Time Attack Glory

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Phoenix Yellow JDM wonder picks up wheels left and right through Ebisu Circuit’s aggressive, hilly terrain.

We can’t help but love the Attack Official @ Days YouTube channel. It’s an amazing insight into the Japanese grassroots time attack scene. It’s an environment where some truly nutty things are happening, thanks to a combination of diverse chassis and relatively open rulesets. Innovation is key, and sometimes that means insane aero, and other times, like with this DC5 Integra Type R, it’s about mechanical grip.

While normally the focus tends to be on Tsukuba Circuit, this time we are treated to a run though Ebisu Circuit’s West Circuit. Ebisu is a mecca of sorts in the drifting community, because it’s like a mountain retreat for drifting, and a prominent site of the D1GP and Formula Drift Japan, however, this time, it’s being used for road racing.

DC5 Integra Type R RSX Time Attack Ebisu Circuit

Ebisu is a hilly, bumpy circuit, filled with elevation change, and that is very clear when watching this hard-charging DC5. Visually, the car appears to be very stiffly sprung, perhaps to counter some of the inherent issues involved in tuning the DC5 chassis for performance driving. Additionally, there is a ton of static negative camber dialed into the front of the car, to keep those front tires in contact with the pavement.

DC5 Integra Type R RSX Time Attack Ebisu Circuit

Of course, while this may work on smoother, more traditional circuits, it makes for a wild ride through Ebisu. The car is notably shaken and upset by the wild drops and on-track curbing. It seems like the car is either lifting or dropping a wheel through almost every corner. The buzzy, all-motor K20 setup screaming away, all the while.

It does seem to be effective, however, with this DC5 driver turning in a lap time of 1:05.605. A quick glance through the other vehicles in attendance shows this DC5 to be one of the quicker cars out there.

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