Honda Civic, S2000 Make Best Budget Cars List

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If you’ve got $10k or less to spend, there’s more than one Honda you should definitely consider.

The life of a car enthusiast is typically awesome. But there are plenty of headaches you must deal with along the way, of course. One of the biggest? Well, cash flow. Cars are typically major purchases to begin with, and then you’ve got to spend countless dollars modding them. This is true whether you’re going for the show circuit or racing glory. Luckily, however, there are plenty of used Honda options that won’t break the budget, as Donut Media so kindly points out in this video.

To piece together this bargain hunting list, our host perused Craigslist in four different cities – Los Angeles, Denver, New Jersey, and Nashville. He then searched for the coolest car you could buy at each incremental $1,000 price point, all the way up to $10k. Our own Honda Civic makes the cut at the $2k-$3k mark, where it proves to be not just a bargain, but a reliable one to boot.

Honda Civic

“At this price, these cars are going to be pretty high mileage,” our host notes. “But it’s not hard to find some that have been really well maintained. Another good option in this price range is the Acura Integra. Very similar, but looks a little cooler in my opinion. But you’ve got to be careful because Civics get stolen. But if something does break, parts are super affordable. And working on Hondas is really easy.”

Honda S2000

The list wraps up with another legendary Honda – the S2000. “The S2000 is one of my all-time favorites,” our host notes. Granted, you’ll be looking at some high-mileage examples at the $10k price point. But they’re pretty darn reliable, no? And above all, it’s pretty clear that if you’re looking to do some balling on a budget, Honda is the way to go.

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