Craigslist Find of the Week: Imported JDM DC5 Integra Type R

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Imported DC5 Integra Type R: Is it worth $16,000?

They are called “gray market imports,” cars that make their way across country lines through means other than the typical brand and dealer network. However, this DC5 Integra Type R brings a new definition to the word, because it’s Championship White paint has gone gray, and been caked with dirt.

We were playing a fun game in the office, wherein we see who can find the coolest car on Los Angeles Craigslist. There were a lot of contenders, from boosted this and wide body, show car that, however, this was the winner. This is a 2004 DC5 Integra Type R, the best Acura RSX that we never got. Of course, the DC5 RSX Type-S holds a special place in our hearts. Mine, in particular, I learned to drive stick in my friend’s 2002 Type-S. However, a Type R, it was not, and with Type R mania in the United States at full tilt with the impending release of the Civic Type R, we thought it apt to pay homage to this DC5.

It appears to be a totally standard, albeit a little beat up, DC5 Type R. The seller advises that the car is just dusty, but even through the rough images we spy some defects in that Championship White exterior. Everything appears to be in place, from the Type R wheels, exterior trimmings and of course, the fantastic red interior with the Recaros. This is a 2004 Type R, so it’s the last year of the pre-refresh look, if that’s your thing.

[Here is some information on importing JDM cars being discussed on honda-tech]

Getting down the nitty-gritty, the legality of this car is dubious at best. The ad states that the car has a US title, but is not able to be registered in California. It’s not old enough to fit under the “25 year” law for imported cars in the United States. However, it may be possible that it was registered as a “display” vehicle. This means it can be registered, in certain states, but only be used in a very limited manner. It wouldn’t be your daily, that’s for sure.

Interested in this Championship Gray DC5 Integra Type R? You can check out the Craigslist ad here, and decide for yourself.

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