Thoughts About and Opinions of the 2017 Acura NSX

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Acura NSX 2

When Acura stopped producing the first-generation NSX back in the mid-2000s, fans of its styling, reliability, and performance started waiting. When it announced it was going to make a new version of it, NSX lovers began hoping. Once Acura released details about the 2017 NSX, those who loved the original model commenced talking.

Honda-Tech forum member atomevolution said, “Nice to see Honda stepping back in to the supercar world. The car looks and sounds like a monster.”

However, some of you had less positive reactions to the new NSX. Ryanthegreat1 chimed in with: “Has the same EPS and brake servo as the current gen Civic Hybrid. Talk about numb.” Although the 2017 model has a nine-speed dual-clutch gearbox, BrakeExpert said, “It’s an automatic!!! Booooooooooooo.”

Acura NSX 1

Another person who shared his thoughts about the second-gen NSX is Jason Cammisa, the senior features editor at Motor Trend. In the following video, he echoes some of your sentiments. Although he isn’t particularly fond of the NSX’s exhaust note, he is shocked and impressed by the car’s lack of turbo lag. He knocks the steering for lacking feel and coming across as dead. Cammisa laments the fact that Acura made the ’17 model so complicated and without a true manual gearbox. Ultimately, he deems it fast and capable, but not particularly engaging.

Now that NSXs are rolling out of the factory, some of you have probably had a chance to drive one. Do you agree with Cammisa’s assessment of it?

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