Have Cloudy Headlight Problems? 3M’s Headlight Restoration Kit is your Answer

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Does your Honda have cloudy headlight lenses? Not only does it look gross, but it’s also very dangerous. How dangerous you say? Cloudy, dull, hazy headlights reduce light output immensely. This will affect your visibility while driving at night, but will also make you less noticeable to other drivers. Not sure how to fix this problem? There’s no need to have them professionally restored for an arm and a leg. With 3M’s Headlight Restoration Kit, you can restore your headlight lenses yourself to factory fresh condition in just 5 minutes.

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Sand down using 500 grit
  2. Sand down using 800 grit
  3. Wet sand down using 3,000 grit
  4. Apply clear coat

Our man on the ground at SEMA Manuel Carrillo III (The Carnoisseur) attended a demonstration at 3M’s booth. The headlamp being used to demonstrate the DIY process was from a 2nd generation Honda Odyssey.

Check out the restoration process from start to finish:








Interested in the restoration kit? Here’s all the info: 3M Headlight Restoration Kit

Matt Eugenio contributes to Honda-Tech, 6SpeedOnline, and Rennlist, among other Internet Brands Auto sites.

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