Some Honda Highlights from SEMA – U.S. Spec Civic Type R and NSX GT3 Race Car

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Yes, it’s SEMA week, huzzah! About half of our team is there now seeing what there is to see, mingling with the manufacturers and generally having fun. There’s a lot of fun to be had, especially when it comes to seeing the newest, modified sheetmetal that the industry has gotten it’s hands onto. Additionally, the OEM’s are there, also showcasing the racey stuff to a market that cares about the details.

What caught our eye was the “prototype” Honda Civic Type R, based on the current 10th generation Civic. All of the Honda devoted know that Honda “prototypes” tend to be about 90-95% production ready. So let’s check out the new CTR, which is finally coming to U.S. shores!

Acura also turned up with something rather interesting: An NSX and an MDX, but not just any NSX or MDX: the NSX GT3 race car, which was towed to SEMA by a modified MDX in a matching livery to the GT3 class, complete with aero. Check out the NSX GT3 in all it’s glory:


There’s a lot going on at SEMA, if there’s anything in particular that you want to see, leave us a comment.

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