Civic Wagon Crazy Cart Looks like Loads of Fun

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What do you do with a good, used Honda Civic wagon? Well, you turn it into an adult-sized drift toy!

Drifting. It’s become so popular these days that even kids can get in on the action, thanks to Razor’s Crazy Cart. The insane little electric toy drives like a regular go-cart in normal mode, but quickly turns into a sliding giggle machine when you lift the “Drift” bar. It’s further proof that kids these days have all the cool toys. So what do us grown, lanky kids do if we want in on the action? Well, if you’re the fun-loving dudes at BoostedBoiz, you build your own life-size, Honda Civic wagon Crazy Cart.

Turns out, the crew had a shell of a Civic wagon laying around anyway. They removed the all-wheel drive system to use in another build, so they didn’t want to let this perfectly good wagon shell go to waste. And the job was every bit as easy as it is brilliant. All the crew had to do was weld in a few pipes, bolt on a set of swiveling shopping cart-like wheels, and boom – instant Crazy Cart.

Honda Civic Wagon

Well, almost. The first set of wheels couldn’t quite hold up to the fun, getting absolutely shredded right off the bat. As in, half of them were suddenly missing. But the team’s enthusiasm wasn’t diminished by this minor setback. Instead, they scored a set of bigger, inflatable rubber swivel wheels and tried again.

This time, things went much better. Until one of the tires blew, of course. But even that didn’t matter, as the Civic continued to pull tight, vomit-inducing donuts until the driver couldn’t take any more. It’s 20+ minutes of pure hilarity, and it gives us some ideas for our next junkyard project!

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