Police Find Honda Civic Left Dangling Off Toronto Bridge

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Canadian Police left wondering exactly what we are: How the hell, and who the hell?

Canada’s Global News has been actively reporting on a bizarre Honda-related crime(?) as of this morning. Authorities in Toronto received multiple concerned calls about a car perilously hanging off the side of the Millwood Road Leaside Bridge. The car in question appears to be a 2002-2005 seventh-generation Honda Civic sedan. Presumably a base DX model, based off the hubcaps.

Trim level aside, the Toronto Police Service had several rather odd notes about the car in question, and the circumstances surrounding it. As Global News reports, initial suspicions had this pegged as a film stunt gone rogue. This thought was supported by the fact that the car appeared to be somewhat “prepped” for the dangling fiasco. All of the glass was the removed and the front end had some rather specific damage. The Toronto Police further reported that the car appeared to be just a shell. However, the TPS quashed that angle after confirming no film permits were issued, and the scene doesn’t match up to the initial tip.

Rather amusingly, the police deemed the dangling sedan to not be a hazard. That is, of course, until it falls upon someone. We would then ask that they revise their description to being “mildly hazardous,” at the least. Jokes aside, by 10:00 AM, police and fire services had the surrounding area closed off, ready for the vehicle’s unusual extrication. Toronto Fire Services then cut the swaying Civic free from it’s ropy shackles, letting it fall to it’s final demise. It was then towed to the great junkyard in the sky.

With no other resources or leads, police are marking the incident as an elaborate prank. An investigation is on-going, and anyone with tips is advised to contact the TPS at 416-808-5500.

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