Let’s Talk Civic Type-R and Gear Grind (Video)

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This video brings us a measured and thoughtful approach about the internet chatter around a possible Type R transmission issue.

The SavageGeese video channel is home to a very considered approach to reviewing cars. If you haven’t seen their review of the Civic Type-R already, then it’s worth making a cup of coffee and settling in for half hour. Reviews aren’t all they do though. The video above addressing the possibility of  a Type-R gear grind issue comes from their Fine Print Series.

Civic Type-R gear grind issue.

Mark makes some excellent points in the video. He brings up plenty to consider before Type-R owners should start worrying, and gives the steps people should take and record before contacting Honda if they do actually have a problem.

He also walks through the lengthy process it takes to get any sort of recourse if it’s possible. As Mark points out, Honda, like all companies, aren’t going to put their hand up straight away if there is an issue.

There’s a real reason this is gaining traction. Honda does have previous when it comes to manual transmission issues. It’s well documented and Mark had an affected vehicle himself. His experience with how big issues play out is definitely worth noting – whether you have a new Civic Type-R or not.

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