Perfectly Preserved 1981 Honda Accord is Filled with Vintage Goodness

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Even in the early ’80s you can tell that Honda was ahead of its time.

There’s something about Hondas. You know it, and so do we. You get in and there’s a lot of little touches that prove that the designers knew how to build a good car. Not only that, but they could make it easy to live with too. Take this walkaround video from YouTuber 2stroketurbo.

This is a 1981 Honda Accord that’s been lovingly kept. Well, for the most part. He does share a story about how the Accord came to visit his shop, and it involves a grandchild and a well-intentioned tune-up. Sounds like he got the wires crossed pretty badly when he replaced the cap. Then, they hydro-locked the engine trying to start it! When he fires it up (later in the video) you’d never know it’d run anything but perfectly! The Accord downright purrs.

1981 Honda Accord on mechanic two-post lift

As he walks around the car it’s easy to see why Honda was a smash hit success. For anyone who’s not aware, the Accord competed against garbage like the Chevrolet Celebrity, among others. Quality and thoughtful design are things the Accord had in spades, which the competition lacked entirely. Inside the seats are in impeccable shape. The car has seen 90,960 easy miles, and it shows. Particularly in the front seats, which look barely broken in.


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Unless you’ve spent a lot of time in early 80s economy cars you probably didn’t realize that having the gear selector light up selectively is a feature, not an expectation. Instead of a cable and a little analog indicator, Honda took things a little further. The “door open” light feature? That’s special too, and not that common when you remember this debuted in 1981.

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