B20 Swapped Integra Battles Modified S2000 on Track

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Pitting the ultimate old-school chassis against one of Honda’s best newer ones.

We’ve been enjoying Driving Line’s “Driver Battles” episodes. They pit two drivers against each other in a timed competition. To avoid the risk of wheel-to-wheel racing they time each and overlap the best lap from each driver in a nifty split-screen. It’s cool, you’ll like it. This time the contenders are Meng Tea with a 1995 Acura Integra and Gina Miller with a 2006 Honda S2000. Golden Age Honda versus the modern roadster.

The Integra has an engine swap, but not what you might expect: under the hood is a B20 from a CR-V, which lacks VTEC. Bolt-ons are the name of the game for Meng under the hood, but the car is set up on Function & Form Type 2 coil-overs. Not only is the stance right on, it’s sure to keep the Acura planted on the track. Gina’s S2K is also stock internally, but has a handful of bolt-ons, including intake/exhaust and a Hondata tune. The S2000 is sitting on Tein coilovers and has an assortment of aero mods.

1996 Acura Integra and 2006 Honda S2000

“I feel like it’s a good daily car you can just take out, track on weekends and not worry about,” Meng says, when he explains why he got the Integra. Gina explains that she always wanted to have a RWD car and that the S2000 was an easy choice.

When they get down to it the laps are laid out top and bottom, Integra above and S2K below. The Integra almost immediately gains a significant lead. Watch how much sooner he’s getting into and out of turns. Though the Integra is down on power compared to the S2K, power isn’t everything. Meng explained that he could keep the throttle pinned most of the time, ultimately giving him the edge in attacking corners.

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