Second Gen CRX Turbo Build – Single Cam D16! (Video)

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Hoping to get your stock D16 to run 10s? A turbo and a featherweight Honda might get it done.

We came across YouTuber Boostipher in a previous video where his turbo Civic put down some ridiculous numbers and got him kicked out of the test-n-tune drag night because he was too fast. This guy knows his stuff. Keep in mind, he does a vlog, so there’s minimal editing, and lots of talking.

Our biggest non-car takeaway? Learn to weld or find make friends with a welder. The owner of the CRX saved some serious money by having a friend who can lay down some quality welds. That’s TIG welding folks, and it’s beautiful.

The CRX is a second-generation model that’s sporting a D16Z6, a motor that was also common in Si Civics. We had a 1998 Civic Sedan with a D16, but it was of the non-VTEC garden-variety D series. This one has VTEC and a turbo. No doubt far more fun than our tired sedan. The owner, Christian, said he hopes to run 10.99 in the quarter mile. We’re thinking that’s an attainable goal, especially with the CRX’s low curb weight and thus spectacular power-to-weight ratio.

We’re thinking it’ll hit the track pretty frequently, specifically because of the tall and skinny radiator they test fit at one point. A big power turbo Honda is going to need a bit more cooling capacity if the owner hopes to survive rush hour traffic in the Southern California summers.

Fair warning: Boostipher drives a Mitsubishi Evo X, so he spends a little while fixing the stance on it. He’s rocking a set of coilovers and didn’t like the slammed look on stock wheels. Fair enough. And in true vlog fashion he volunteers for grill duty to prepare some food. Working on cars makes us hungry too. Like we said in the test-n-tune video, Boostipher’s vlogs almost perfectly capture the real experience of wrenching. It’s not all, or even mostly, glorious burnouts, flawless highway pulls, or simple installs in a single afternoon.

Are you excited to see this turbo CRX run? Us too.

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