1972 Honda Z600 4×4 Is Our Idea of an Off-Roader

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Honda Z600

Want to have some fun off-road but can’t fathom driving another brand? This converted Honda Z600 is for you.

Off-roading is all the craze these days. And most automotive manufacturers have responded in kind, selling budding mudders and rock climbers all sorts of four-wheel drive rigs. Honda, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily known for building cars and trucks fit for this kind of duty. So what’s a die hard brand fan boy to do? Well, you could convert a pint-sized Honda Z600 for off-road duty. Or just buy already done, like this killer mini monster truck we spotted on eBay.

Plus, everybody’s got a Jeep or TRD these days. But nobody’s got one of these. And it’s hard to see why, given how cool this little Honda Z600 turned out. The former economy car underwent a full restoration to start, and now it looks as good as we presume it goes. But the real story here is the parts that lie underneath that flawless yellow body, of course.

Honda Z600

For starters, the original Honda air-cooled 600cc engine was ditched. We’re guessing because it wouldn’t turn those massive new tires. In its place lies a built 1.3-liter mill sourced from a Suzuki Samurai. Suzuki-powered Honda Z600 conversions are nothing new, but this one appears to be cleaner than most. Roll the four-wheel drive chassis underneath, and you’ve got something truly unique.

Honda Z600

We do appreciate the fact that the builder retained most of the original interior for this little ride, however. It’s about as tasteful a conversion as you could possibly draw up. And we’re guessing quite capable as well, with proven underpinnings and giant 33-inch tires. If you’re a die-hard Honda fan who just wants to join your buddies for the occasional off-road jaunt, this looks like the best way to do it!

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