13 Acts of Civic Disobedience

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The Honda Civic is the epitome of the “economy car,” and has been since the originals in the 1970s. If someone is looking for an affordable car that is good on gas, the Honda Civic is the obvious choice. However, since there are so many of them out there, sometimes this solid reliable bastion of transportation ends up in the hands of drivers behaving less than responsibly, or get modded so as to eliminate most of their practicality. Following are 13 examples of Honda’s compact mainstay showing some Civic disobedience.


1. Too Low Civic + Speed Bump = Fail!

Some people like their cars to ride low, and when you ask them how low can you go, they will say lower. This driver learned the hard way why airbags and hydraulics are the best way to go when you want to go low.


2. Modest Promposal


Does this Civic belong to the girl you are asking out? I doubt she appreciated having to scrape all that writing off the windows and hood. And if this is your Civic, and you are trying to imply the car is the sexy beast, you are overestimating how awesome a Honda Civic is. Is that a picture of you as a sexy beast under the wiper? Perhaps Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? I would put money on her answer being a big NO!


3. Bugatti Taste on a Civic Budget


Customizing cars to make them look original and unique is understandable. Customizing a 120 hp, front engine, front wheel drive Honda Civic hatchback to make it look like a 1200 hp, rear engine, all-wheel drive Bugatti Veyron makes no sense at all. You aren’t fooling anyone. You haven’t made the Civic look better, or function better. You might as well dress your hamster up as a Doberman Pincher.


4. Off-roading in a Civic

The Civic is a great car for almost any purpose, but generally you should stick to paved roads, especially if you’ve lowered it. This poor driver got stuck in the mud and needed the help of several friends, and a Subaru tow vehicle to get out. Unfortunately, his bumper didn’t make it out alive.


5. Too Low for The Street

This poor Civic owner wanted his car extra low. He got his wish, and now has a car so low it can’t even successfully back into his driveway. Going the other way is hardly better, as you can see on this in this video.


6. Plastic Surgery


The Civic hatchback is a good looking car that is really unmatched for practicality. They can look even sportier with the right body kit on them. This Civic appears to have had 2 or 3 different body kits applied, and maybe not even ones intended for a Honda.


7. Mean Green Machine

Green Machine

The owner of this car at least kept it down to a single body kit but then added a Lambo door kit and a suicide door kit. The translucent green hood effect is cool, but the huge wing and retina-searing paint sure isn’t.


8. Not Small Enough

The Honda Civic is a compact car, but apparently not as compact as some drivers would prefer it to be. If this Civic had only been a foot narrower it could have slipped into this hole in traffic, instead of going airborne (NSFW language).


9. Honda Lawn Mower


Yes, Honda makes lawn mowers, but no they don’t make a riding mower version of the Civic. That did not stop this driver from doing a bit of gardening with this one though.


10. For Sale Gently Used 2000 Civic

For Sale

In 2014, A dad in England had bought his recently licensed son a good reliable used Civic as a first car. Just one week after getting it, the young boy somehow ended up with it on its roof, though he claims to have been going the speed limit. In an attempt to teach the kid a lesson, the father then posted pictures online of the car, with offers to sell parts off of it before it went to the junkyard. You can read more details of the story here.


11. Civic Hit by Building


I swear I was just driving along and this building darted out in front of me without signaling or anything.


12. They’re Just Playing


This Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are going at is like a couple of playful terrier puppies. It seems the Toyota is the more dominant of the 2 though, unfortunately for the Honda.


13. Roll Over and Play Dead

Civics are a lot like puppies, and this owner trained his Civic to roll over and play dead. In traffic, at what looks like 10 mph, the Civic driver hits the other car perfectly, wheel to wheel, to send his car up and over. The Civic lands belly up like a well-trained dog, and traffic proceeds like this is normal.

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