X-Ray Windshields and 4 Other Honda Driving Tech

Honda has been putting out really cool safety tech to the market and has more goodies on the horizon.

By Thomas Mabson - September 21, 2016
Pedestrian detection
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Conversations
Lane Departure Warning
Adaptive Cruise Control
Blind Spot Monitoring on Motorcycles

1. Pedestrian Detection

Lots of vehicles have this type of people sensor that will give you a heads-up for a possible accident about to occur and automatically apply the brakes. However, the one Honda has come up with would take the next step in progression and instead of stopping the car, would detect multiple obstacles (even people) and give you their locations on an augmented reality heads-up display. Added to that, beyond your own line of sight, you would get locations on the people that are out of your normal field of view, even if they're hiding in a blind spot. 

2. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Conversations

Honda's patent for this one is for keeping track of a line of three cars in traffic. So think of you in your car and the two cars ahead of you in a lane. If the cars are connected with V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) system, the first car would talk to the second car, that would then do some math on the distance between the two and send that answer to the third car. That third car (you) would show everything on an augmented reality heads-up display. This kind of makes the second car "invisible" so that the third and first car know everything that is going on. In addition, the system would also know when the first car is braking and then relay the information to the second and third cars so that they have more time to slow down or completely stop. 

3. Lane Departure Warning

This tech is available right now with a little camera that watches for common safety signs and markers like lane dividers or above asphalt markers. The system would then let you know when you are drifting or exiting the lane. This system in design was made to cut down on accidents by getting rid of driver error, distractions, and drowsiness. 

4. Adaptive Cruise Control

This Honda Sensing technology is available for new cars like the 2016 Honda Civic and Honda Pilot. So how it works is, the ACC automatically changes your speed while you're driving in cruise control to match the rate of the person driving in front of you. This will help tremendously when on long uneventful trips with a sudden moment of an unforeseen hazard causes braking to happen in front of you. 

5. Blind Spot Monitoring on Motorcycles

Not to be forgotten, Honda is outfitting their motorcycles with tech that can detect drowsiness, keep in lane, and monitor blind spot occupation. Honda is trying all the tech out now on a Honda VRF1200F designed to give the rider feedback of everything going on virtually 360 degrees around him or her. The notifications will not only be visual in the windscreen, but also haptic feedback through the bike grips, seat, fuel tank knee rests, and foot-pegs.