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Acura Integra Type R, found on Bring-A-Trailer, has perhaps the subtlest modifications we’ve seen on any Type R spotted in the wild.

Earlier this year, a flawless 2000 mile Integra Type R went for a monstrous $63,800 under the hammer. But, they don’t need to be minty fresh right now to command serious money. The historical significance of the Integra Type R brings value as they get older, and the fact only 3,000 were built here for the American market means they’re rare, and even rarer in unmolested stock form.

This one we’ve spotted on Bring a Trailer is as close to stock as we would want with the only aftermarket additions advertised being a battery, the smart re-routing of the hood release to make it harder to steal and, strap in for this piece of extravagant aftermarket flair, Mugen number plates bolts.

This one isn’t in exceptional condition, but it’s far from being a basket case. Some scratches, dings, and a scuff in the paintwork are correctable, as is a little curb rash on the stock 15-inch wheels. The corrosion on the suspension, brakes, and on a few other spots do need some work to get her into good condition underneath though. The usual, and pain in the backside, issue of the tops of the rear seats fading doesn’t look like an problem at all, and the seller appears confident the previous owner used both seat and a steering wheel cover.

This is the kind of Integra Type R we would be looking for. Not perfect, but in solid condition and looked after in the places that problems can be frustrating and particularly expensive to fix. Also, 47,000 miles on the clock is nice and low on a bulletproof engine, and the Flamenco Black Pearl paint may not be the coolest sounding color, has a nice metallic silver pearl to it.  It’s still not going to be cheap, but it’s a great example of what to look for. We would even keep the Mugen number plate bolts.

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