Honda Prelude Helps Pull Broken Down 18-Wheeler 

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Not all heroes wear capes, but they do occasionally hit VTEC.

Seeing cars offer to help truckers pull their broken down 18-wheelers out of a ditch is nothing new. We’re sure you’ve all seen that one video of that Subaru WRX STI using all of its turbocharged AWD glory to save the day. And that was in the snow too! Even though that was a success, doesn’t mean that all cars are capable of such heavy task. So don’t go rushing to be the hero like those two guys who tried to help pull Selena’s tour bus in the film Selena. You just might lose your rear bumper or cause more damage than help. But hey, anything for Selena, right?

According to Carscoops, a bystander recorded a short video clip of a BB6 Honda Prelude volunteering as tribute to help a stranded truck driver get his rig going again. With a tow rope hooked on, the brave Prelude driver slowly began to pull Optimus Prime. It’s crazy to think that a mere naturally-aspirated 4-banger could have the power to pull a big rig, but seeing is believing right? BB6 Honda Prelude Pulling 18-Wheeler Truck

Being that it was December in Ontario, Canada, temperatures were probably freezing and it was slightly snowing from the looks of it. However, the plucky BB6 managed to get the job done, but not without any consequences. What seemed to be tire smoke at first, was actually smoke coming up underneath the car. Best guess it was coming from the very hot and smokey clutch that was under enormous pressure from the rescue mission. The Prelude didn’t destroy itself, so it’s a win for both parties.

Honda FTW! What did you guys think about the BB6 Good Samaritan? Would you volunteer your own car to help out a trucker in need? Let us know on the forum!

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